Constant Current Low Noise Laser Driver ATLS250MA103

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ATLS250MA103 laser diode driver is used for driving laser diodes with low noise and constant current. This laser driver has an output current of 250mA, as indicated in the part number. The noise is 2.5µA at the frequency of 0.1Hz to 10Hz.

This laser driver belongs to 103 series laser drivers, which include 100mA, 200mA, 250mA, 500mA, and 1A laser drivers. This laser driver series features low noise, constant current, high absolute accuracy, lead free, and compact size. All the laser drivers in this series are popular in the market for many years. These laser drivers perform well and work stably. These laser drivers don’t need heat sink since the max. power maintains to less than 1W. There is a temperature compensation network inside the laser driver, which keeps the output current constant even as the laser driver temperature increases.

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