Constant Current Low Noise Laser Driver ATLS200MA103

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ATI is dedicated to developing and manufacturing most advanced laser diode drivers. ATLS200MA103 is one of 103 series laser drives, which feature ultra-low noise, constant current, high stability, and compact size. This laser driver comes with an output current of 200mA and an output voltage from 1.5V to 4V when powered by a 5V power supply.

This laser diode driver can be used for driving laser diodes in many applications such as DPSSL, SOA, fiber lasers, etc. this laser driver has a six side metal enclosure that can blocks electromagnetic interference from other electronic devices. Moreover, this laser driver comes with a compact size, only measures 20mm*14.5mm, which saves much space for users’ project. This laser driver can work with its evaluation board that can evaluate the function and basic specifications for the laser driver.

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