AC Input Laser Diode Driver AAS16A9.5V

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AAS16A9.5V AC input laser diode driver is newly developed by Analog Technologies, Inc. This laser driver comes with a compact size and high efficiency, more than 70%. It can be used to driver high current laser diode with high stability.

Let us get familiar with this laser diode driver. The maximum output current is 16A; and the output voltage is wide, from 0V to 9.5V; the input voltage can be from 100VAC to 240VAC; the temperature rise is relatively low, 30°C. There is an over-temperature protection function, which prevent the laser diode driver from being damaged by over temperature. The laser diode driver will shut down itself when the temperature exceeds the temperature limit, 85°C, and will restart itself when the temperature returns to the normal value. Moreover, there is a configurable valley current for digital modulation, and the digital modulation has a high speed, 5kHz.

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