AC Input Laser Diode Driver AAS40A4V2

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There are various types of laser diode drivers in the market, and most of them have a large size. There is an urgent demand for small size laser diode drivers, thus ATI develops some new laser diode drivers including DC input and AC input ones, both of which have a small size, and the former is smaller than the latter. AAS40A4V2 is one of AC input laser diode drivers.

As the part number AAS40A4V2 indicates, the maximum output current is 40A, and the output voltage is 0V ~ 4V. This laser driver comes with a compact size that saves a lot of space for users. A soft-start circuit is designed in this laser driver, which ensures smooth current transactions during starting-up period. Moreover, there is an over temperature protection circuit and a short circuit protection circuit inside that are used to prevent any damages to the laser diode.

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