Peltier Controller TEC Controller TECA1-xV-xV-DAH

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ATI provides various types of TEC controllers, which can also be called Peltier controllers. They are widely used to control Peltier coolers, or so called TEC modules. Different TEC modules requires different TEC controller due to different voltages and currents. TECA1-xV-xV-DAH is a newly developed TEC controller, which is based on TECA1-xV-xV-D.

This Peltier cooler has many features, such as high efficiency, high stability, high reliability and small size. The most important feature that makes it prior to TECA1-xV-xV-D is that it has higher precision. It is related to the maximum voltage difference between the pins, TEMP and TEMPSP, and TECA1-xV-xV-D is 25mV. TECA1-xV-xV-DAH has a much lower value, that is, 0.5mV. It's easy to see that this TEC controller is much better than TECA1-xV-xV-D regarding this value.

The physical photo of TECA1-xV-xV-DAH can be found below.

This Peltier controller, or TEC controller, can drive our Peltier cooler stably with high efficiency, and can also work with other electronic products, such as thermistor, and heat sink, to form a temperature control system.

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