High Voltage Laser Diode Driver ATLS10A216

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ATI researches and develops multiple types of laser diode drivers, which are widely used in driving laser diodes at high efficiency. Among these laser drivers, some feature low noise, constant current, or high voltage. Users can choose a proper one according to the specific requirements. ATLS10A216 is a high voltage laser diode driver, which can drive a high voltage laser diode or multiple laser diodes simultaneously. This laser driver is warmly welcomed when it is first launched in the market and has achieved good feedbacks till now.

The input voltage ranges from 5.5V to 15V, and the maximum output current is 10A. There is a wide modulation bandwidth, that is, DC to 20kHz. It has dual independent current set ports and allows direct digital modulation control. This laser diode driver comes with ultra low noise, < 12μA@0.1Hz~10Hz

The physical photo of ATLS10A216D is shown in below.

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