High Voltage Power Supply AHV12V6KV1MAW

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  AHV12V6KV1MAW is a typical high voltage power supply that converts low DC voltage into high DC voltage. The input voltage can be 11V to 13V, and the output voltage can reach 6000V. The maximum output current is 1.0mA. This high voltage power supply can be widely used in many fields such as industrial measurement and control, energy spectrum analysis, medical field, and environmental monitoring, etc.

  High voltage power supply comes with many features, high efficiency and high output voltage stability. It allows linear and deep modulation on output voltage. There is a protection circuit for short circuit and over current. There is low leakage current at shutdown. As shown in the photo below, this high voltage power supply comes with a metal case that blocks all the incoming and outgoing EMIs. Moreover, it has a small size, which saves a lot of spaces.

  Figure 1. The photo physical of high voltage power supply AHV12V6KV1MAW

  ATI also provides many other types of high voltage power supplies with different input and output voltages. If you need more details, please visit the website below: