Laser Driver Load Assembly ATLS212DLD1.0

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Laser driver load assembly is used for evaluating laser drivers instead of real laser diodes. Since real laser diodes. This laser driver load assembly, ATLS212DLD1.0, is designed for evaluating 212 series laser drivers in ATI. This series laser diode drivers feature high efficiency, high voltage, compact size, wide input and output voltage range, etc.

This laser driver load assembly emulates real laser diodes for evaluating laser drivers since real laser diodes are vulnerable and expensive. This laser driver load assembly has a maximum reverse voltage of 100V, so it is almost unbreakable in evaluating laser drivers. There are mainly four parts in the laser driver load assembly, including multiple regular diodes with configuration switches, heat sink and fan for cooling down the temperature of the diodes, a fan control circuit, and an over temperature detection and shutdown circuit for preventing the system from being damaged by over temperature.

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