High Voltage Power Supply AHV24V10KV1MAW

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AHV24V10KV1MAW is a newly developed high voltage power supply of ATI. This high voltage power supply has a negative output voltage, -10kV. It can be used in industry, medical treatment, agriculture fields for converting low DC voltage to high AC voltage.

The input voltage of this high voltage power supply is from 23V to 25V, typically 24V. The maximum output current is 1mA. Moreover, this high voltage power supply comes with a compact size, 104.5mm×60mm×28mm. It also comes with an internal protection circuit, which is used for shutting down the power supply when over current or over voltage occur. The shutdown pin, SDN, can turn off the high voltage power supply when a logic low <0.8V or a 0V on this pin. When SDN pin is in logic high, over 1.2V or left unconnected, this high voltage power supply is running well.

ATI also provides other high voltage power supplies with different negative output voltages, such as -1kV to -9kV, or with different input voltage, such as 12V DC and 30V DC.

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