Evaluation Board TECEV104 for TEC Controller

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TEC controllers are designed for driving TEC modules in a temperature control system. In order for easy evaluation on TEC controllers, evaluation board TECEV104 is developed. This evaluation board can be used with all the TECA1 series TEC controllers in ATI, such as TECA1-5V-2.5V-D, TECA1-3V-3V-D, TECA1-3V-2.5V-D, etc.

This evaluation board TECEV104 is purposed for tuning the external compensation network of TEC controller in order to match the characteristics of users’ thermal load. This will minimize the response time of the thermal control loop and the dynamic temperature tracking errors, and keep the control loop stable at the same time. This evaluation board allows users to set the maximum output voltage, the set-point temperature, and monitor output voltage and actual thermal load temperature. The physical photo of this evaluation board is as below.

This TEC controller evaluation board can work with TEC controller of DIP package only.

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