Low Noise Diode Laser Driver ATLS100MA103

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ATI designs and manufactures multi-types of laser drivers, and this laser driver, ATLS100MA103, comes with ultra low noise. This laser driver is used for driving diode lasers with low noise and maximum output current of 100mA.

Besides low noise, this laser driver features a compact size, which saves a lot of spaces in most applications. It is enclosed in a six sided metal enclosure for zero EMIs. This laser driver is powered by a 5V power supply and outputs a voltage from 1.5V to 4V. Since this laser driver consumes little power, less than 1W, it does not require any heat sinks to dissipate heat. There are two packages available, one is DIP package and the other is SMT package. The physical photo of this laser driver is shown in below.

Figure 1. The photo of low noise diode laser driver ATLS100MA103

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