Constant Current Laser Diode Driver ATLSXA201D

Time : 2016-08-02 14:00Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :
This series of constant-current laser diode driver has been in the market for many years and has received excellent feedback. It boasts over 90% efficiency, is free of lead, and is RoHS compliant. The maximum output current is adjustable to 0.5A, 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and 6A, with current output noise of 0.05%.
Our laser diode drivers come with multiple functions, such as laser constant-current monitoring, over-current and over-heat protection, laser diode status indication, soft start, and more! The drivers also come with a low noise 2.5V reference voltage that can be used to set the output current. This driver module is packaged in a six-sided metal enclosure, blocking EMI interference from other electronics.

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