Constant Current Laser Diode Driver ATLSXA202D

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ATLSXA202D series laser diode drivers are designed to drive laser diodes with high efficiency, more than 90%. This laser diode driver can output constant current and there are multiple options for the maximum output current, 500mA, 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A or 6A.

This laser diode drive feature frequency synchronization function, which allows the laser driver using an external digital signal (within the range from 520kHz to 800kHz) to synchronize the internal PWM output stage of this laser driver, thus eliminating frequency beating interferences between the laser drivers and other switch mode electronic circuits on the PCB. We can adjust the internal PWM frequency if other frequency is needed. There are also other features such as high efficiency, zero EMI, high reliability, high stability and small package, which make it an ideal laser driver in many applications. Please refer to the photo below for a real ATLSXA202D.

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