Liquid Level Control Switch

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I’d like to share a new product of Analog Technologies, Inc. (ATI), liquid level control switch ALLCS500MA45-21.

The liquid level control switch is also called the water level control switch. As the name implies, it is a switch for detecting and controlling the level of the liquid. This switch has two modes: “normally open” and “normally closed”. The stainless steel float moves up and down with the liquid, and triggers the switch when it reaches the preset level. The normally closed (open) switch performs disconnecting (closed) action.

In addition to its small size, high sensitivity, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, and moisture resistance, ATI's liquid level control switch has two modes: “normally open” and “normally closed”. If you are using "normally open" mode of the ALLCS500MA45-21 in the original project plan, and now you want to change the project and use the "normally closed" mode, then you do not need to purchase another new switch, and just reverse the direction of the original switch float.

For detailed operation steps, you can find it in the datasheet:

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