Digital Laser Driver-ALDD28V15A401

Time : 2019-04-04 14:47Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

If you are familiar with analog electronics, you must hear of the company. Analog Technologies, Inc’s product is very popular among customers; I have to attribute the success to the hard work of all our staff. The main products of ATI include laser drivers, TEC controllers, resistor kits, capacitor kits and inductor kits. Today let me introduce one Digital High Voltage Constant Current Laser Driver, whose part number is ALDD28V15A401. Please take a look at the physical photo of this laser driver.

In the part number, A refers to ATI (company’s name), LD is laser driver, the second “D” means digital, while 28V represents that the maximum power-supply voltage; 15A means that the maximum current can go up to 15A; therefore, now you will know more about this digital high voltage constant current laser driver.

It is worth mentioning that the extreme low output noise is a very good feature of it. The laser driver has extremely low output noise; care must be taken in using this laser driver to achieve this lower noise performance. One of the noise sources is the beating frequency interference from other power mode electronics, such as another laser driver, TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooler) controller, or power supply. There are 2 ways to avoid the frequency beating: set the switching frequencies of other electronics to be far away from the switching frequency of the laser driver, 500kHz, or synchronize the other electronics switching with this laser driver. For this purpose, there is a SYNO pin, which can be used by other electronics as the switching trigger signal.

In fact, there are many more good features of this product. For more details, please refer to its datasheet.