TEC5V4A-D TEC Controller Peltier Controller

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ATI develops and manufactures various types of Peltier controllers, or so-called TEC controllers, which are designed and used for driving thermoelectric coolers, or TECs. This TEC controller comes with high stability, high energy efficiency, zero EMIs and compact size. This controller is packaged in a 6-side metal enclosure which blocks EMIs from outside.

This TEC controller can output up to 4A current and the maximum output voltage is the power supply voltage minus 0.2V. The TEC controller provides some interfaces for configuring the desired object temperature range, such as set-point temperature range, maximum TEC voltage and the compensation network. The compensation network compensates the high order thermal load, so it can stabilize the temperature control loop.

We also develops an evaluation board for easily evaluating this TEC controller, and it is for DIP package only. The photo below is a DIP package TEC controller.

This TEC controller can work with our Peltier module, thermistor, and heat sink efficiently and stably, to form a temperature control system.

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