High Voltage Power Supply AHV30V18KVR5MAW

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This high voltage power supply, AHV30V18KVR5MAW, can converse low DC voltage, about 27V to 30V, to high DC voltage, 18kV, with a maximum current of 0.5mA. This power supply features a regulated and stable output voltage and high efficiency. It can be applied in the industry, agriculture, national defense, scientific research and other fields.

This DC-DC converter is shielded by a heavy duty metal enclosure, which block all the incoming and outgoing EMIs. There is a reverse input voltage protection, up to 40V. When measuring the voltage of an output voltage monitor port, users can monitor the output voltage easily. Moreover, in this high voltage power supply, there provides an internal protection circuit, which prevents the power supply from being damaged by over current or over voltage. As shown in the photo below, this high voltage power supply has a small size and a metal enclosure.

Figure 1. The photo physical of high voltage power supply AHV30V18KVR5MAW

Besides, There are many other types of high voltage power supplies with different input and output voltages. If you need more details, please visit the website below: