Super Surface Mount Inductor Kits

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SMD inductors, resistors and capacitors are widely used in electronic products nowadays due to the stable performance and small sizes. This article introduces a inductor container that stores SMD inductors of different sizes and values.

The container is an enclosure with more than 100 lidded compartments inside and a final top cover that can close the whole enclosure, as shown in the picture below. Moreover, there is a foam pad inside the top cover, which is used to keep all the lids of the compartments closed so that no components inside the compartments will be leaked out. This inductor kit stores inductors with four sizes, 0402, 0603,0805 and 1008, and for each size, there are different values and pieces stored in the inductor kits. All the inductors in the kit are from renowned SMD inductor manufacturers, which ensures the quality. When any of inductors are used up, you can also refill the compartments with inductors or any other components you need.

Besides SMT inductor kits, we also provide other types of kits, including capacitor kits, resistor kits, and empty enclosure.

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