Long Life TEC Module ATE1-TC-31-3AS

Time : 2016-08-02 13:57Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :
TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooling) modules are becoming more and more popular in temperature control applications, such as air conditioning, medical care, and laboratory testing. These modules feature no moving parts and no need for refrigerant. The service life of a standard TEC module will be greatly reduced with exposure to frequent cooling and heating. Our long-life TEC modules are designed for thermal-cycling applications, so that they can bear the impact of extreme temperature changes; Thus, the service life is significantly extended in comparison to a standard TEC modules.
These special thermal-cycling TEC modules have 31 pairs of Peltier elements, with a maximum input voltage of 3.9V. To withstand humid environments, the module is sealed between two ceramic plates. TEC modules often work with TEC controllers to efficiently stabilize and regulate the temperature. They can also work with NTC thermistors for highly accurate temperature sensing.

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