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Analog Technologies, Inc.
1161 Ringwood Ct, #110
San Jose CA 95131
U. S. A

Tel.: 408-748-9100
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Analog Technologies has a strong R&D team under the leadership of Dr. Gang Liu, a graduate of Wayne State University of Michigan. With innovation in mind, this R&D team designed and patented more than twelve products in the advanced analog technology fields.
Backed with intensive trainings in higher education and enhanced experience, this R&D team is ready to work on your special requests.


ATI has developed new products of ATLS3A212D, ATCDB12, and ATRDB12, which are widely popular among our customers. Any requirements, please be free to contact us.

ATI's New Products

1.High voltage constant current laser driver(ATLS3A212D)

2. Laser drivers and controllers
    High efficiency laser driver ATLS2A201
    High efficiency laser driver ATLS2A202

3. TEC drivers and controllers
    Window TEC controller ATW3A313

4. Thermistors and thermisotr assemblies
    Low drift compact low cost thermistor ATH10K1R25

5. SMT resistor, capacitor, and inductor kits
  resistor box,capacitor box

6. LED related products
    LED Light Box
    LED Strip
    LED T8 Tube
    LED Power Supply

ATI's Customers

Analog Devices
3M Company
Hewlett Packard
General Dynamics
Texas Instruments
Linear Tech
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
University of Hyderabad (India)
Universita Di Padova (Italy)
Lockheed Martine
Forschung und Technologie (Germany)
Dynavet (France)