Glass Encapsulated NTC Thermsitor ATH10K1R0

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ATH10K1R0 series ntc thermistors are glass encapsulated, with two coated lead wires. Glass encapsulated ensures the thermistor a long term stability, and the coated lead wires can prevent them from touching and then shorting each other.

Compared with epoxy ntc thermistors, glass encapsulated ones have smaller size, shorter response time, and better long term stability. They have wider temperature range. Since ATH10K1R0 thermistors have the thermistor head and the lead wires sealed, they can be applied in liquid up to 250°C.

The nominal resistance at 25°C is 10k. The response time is 4s in still air. These thermistors can be used in environment with high temperature and high humidity. Applications include laser diode, optical components, industrial process control and other temperature sensing application. The physical photo of the thermistor ATH10K1R0 is shown below.

This ntc thermistor can work with, use this NTC thermistor with our TEC controller, TEC module and heat sink in order to build a stable and accurate temperature measurement system.

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