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High-Power Laser Diodes

Time: 2015-01-30 11:23:32    Click: 422

More recently high-power laser diodes operating in the wavelength range of about 0.81.1 micron have been getting much attention due to their widespread applications. These lasers are used in optical pumping of solid-state lasers, such as the Nd: YAG, replacing traditional flash lamp designs. High-power laser diodes are tuned to the absorption band of the dielectric crystal resulting in much more efficient pumping of the laser rod, from which a high-power focused coherent beam of light is emitted...(more)

Thermal Pad

Time: 2015-01-30 09:28:52    Click: 270

Thermal pad has good heat conduction ability and high level pressure-tolerant, and it is the substitute of thermal grease. Because of having certain flexibility, it has good bonding between a power device and an aluminum heat sink, so it can achieve the best purpose of heat conduction and heat dissipation. In the industry, thermal pad is also called the thermal silica film, thermal conductive silicone pad, insulating heat conducting sheet, soft cooling pad and so on. As the electronic equipmentc...(more)

The Performances of Thermal Silica

Time: 2015-01-30 09:24:26    Click: 238

The forms of thermal conductivity silicone are grease and solid. And there are also many different kinds of materials can be competent forapplicationsof the thermal conductivity silica. When producing thermal silica, there are some factors to consider. Thermal conductivity is also known as thermal efficiency. As a goodthermal conductivity material, it must be able to absorb heat quickly, and alsocan radiate heat. We usually use the unit of thermal conductivity to measure the efficiency of therma...(more)

Learning the Key Features of TEC Temperature Controller

Time: 2015-01-28 15:38:58    Click: 250

TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooler) temperature controllers have some unique and important features that other temperature controllers do not have. One of the key features of TEC controller offers is that it allows the target object reaching the set-point temperature in a short time. Lets use a 202010 (mm) object as an example, driving a TEC with a TEC controller can allow the object reaching the set-point temperature within 5 seconds understand either cooling or heating mode, as the set-point temperat...(more)

The Characteristics of Thermal Silicone Pads

Time: 2015-01-28 09:27:27    Click: 267

There are many characteristics of thermal silicone pads, such as certain flexibility, excellent insulation and compressibility, natural surface tack and so on. The silicone pads are specially produced for the design proposal of transferring heat by using the gap. The thermal silicone pad can fill in gaps and transfer the heat between heating part and radiating part. At the same time, it also plays an insulation, sealing, damping effect. Whats more, the thermal silicone pads can meet the design r...(more)

Introduction to Thermal Silicone Pads

Time: 2015-01-27 09:20:04    Click: 319

Thermalsilicone pad is a heat transfer mediumto reduce thermal contact resistance between the heat source surface and contact surface of radiator parts. In the industry, it is also called the thermal silica films, thermal conductive silicone pads, soft cooling pads and so on. As the electronic equipment continually makes more and more powerful function integrate into smaller and smaller components, the temperature increasing will lead to equipment running slowly, device fault, confined space and...(more)


Time: 2015-01-26 09:20:03    Click: 234

But some usual semiconductor often is made up of Copper, aluminum or other metallic conductor and two pieces ceramic chip like sandwich biscuit to press something from both sides. The ceramic chip must be heat and conduction well. See the following the picture. 3 .The technology application of Thermoelectric Cooler Semiconductor Thermoelectric Cooler is a special kind of cold source. There are some superiority and characteristic. 1.It needs not any refrigerating fluid. And can be work continuous...(more)


Time: 2015-01-23 17:18:39    Click: 205

The Thermoelectric Cooler is also called Semiconductor refrigeration module, Peltier, etc. . Because of there are two sides, one side absorbs heat, and the other side dissipates heat. Its effect is heat conduction. It does not produce heat by itself. So it is called Refrigeration piece or thermoelectric cooler module. 1.Summary Propaedeutic 1.Peltier effect The conceptual structure of Peltier effect is very simple. When the current goes through the thermal couple, one of the nodes dissipates h...(more)

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