The advantages and characteristics of TEC

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TEC have both cooling and heating functions. Its working current is DC current, through changing the polarity of the direct current, the TEC can achieve cooling or heating.
TEC has the following advantages and characteristics in the field of technology.
1. There is no need in using refrigerant, and TEC can work continuously. It doesn’t have gyroscopic effect because there are no rotating parts. And when it works, it has such characteristics as no vibration and noise, long life and easy installation.
2. The TEC has two functions: cooling and heating. The cooling efficiency is generally not high, but its heating efficiency is very high. Therefore, people can fully achieve both heating and cooling functions by using TEC instead of using cooling and heating system respectively.
3. By controlling the input current, TEC can achieve high precision temperature control. Based on the temperature measurement and control means, it is easy to realize remote control, program control and computer control, which is prone to form an automatic control system.
4. The temperature range of the regular temperature TEC is from  -60°C to 200°C; the temperature range of high temperature TEC is from -60°C to 200°C.
In our company, there are many kinds of TECs, such as ATE-127 series, ATE-199 series and ATE-241 series and so on. In these series, there are sealed TECs and non-sealed TECs and there are also high temperature TECs and low temperature TECs. In short, you have many choices to select what you need. Incidentally, we also design and produce TEC controllers based on customers’ requirements and it is very convenient for you to use it to control TECs.