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Super SMT Zener diode/74HC/Transistor/Tantalum Capacitor Kits

Datasheet for Super SMT Zener Diode Kits (New!)
Datasheet for Super SMT 74HC Kits (New!)
Datasheet for Super SMT Transistor Kits (New!)
Datasheet for Super SMT Tantalum Capacitor Kits (New!)



We offer three types of super SMT kits, including Super SMT Zener diode Kits, Super SMT 74HC Kits, Super SMT Transistor Kits and Super TANT Capcitor kits. They are all carefully selected from various kinds.

The series of Zener diodes are offered in the convenient, surface mount plastic package. These devices are designed to provide voltage regulation with minimum space requirement. They are well suited for applications such as cellular phones, hand held portables, and high density PC boards. First, you can choose them from total power dissipation and the types. Second, choose the packages and brands.These series of TVS diodes are designed specifically to protect sensitive electronic equipment from voltage transients induced by lightning and other transient voltage events.The amount of Zener Diodes per value for regular kits is 50PCs. The Zener Diodes are pre-sorted and stored separately in our unique sturdy snap-lock.

The Super SMT 74HC Kit is IC74HC107TYPE-15PC, 107 types of 74HC series Logic Integrated Circuits. The kit contains a wide selection of 74HC series Logic Integrated Circuits. All of the types are carefully selected by us. Its logic contains Logic - Multiplexers, Decoders; Logic - Multivibrators; Logic - Gates and Inverters; Logic - Shift Registers; Logic - Buffers, Drivers, Receivers, Transceivers; Logic - Flip Flops; Logic - Latches and Logic - Counters, Dividers. There are 15PCs for each type.

The transistors in the kits are all commonly used single transistors, chosen by us carefully. The Super SMT Transistor KitTM has one of these options in transistor types and number of values: BJTSNPN238V20PC Series 238 values, NPN; BJTSPNP218V20PC Series 218 values, PNP. There are 20PCs for each value.

This Super SMT Tantalum Capacitor Kits offer any value of standard STM tantalum capacitors, which includes the TAJ series of AVX brand with the following features: general purpose SMT chip tantalum series; low profile options available; CV range: 0.10-2200 uF / 2.5-50V.

Super SMT Component Enclosure which has 128 individually lidded compartments, 0.87 (L) x 0.59 (W) x 0.63 (D) or 22 x 15 x 16 (mm), and each Zener diode value is printed clearly on each lid. The enclosure takes the same surface space as a letter size paper and measures only: 11 (L) x 8.5 (W) x 1.75 (H) or 280 x 216 x 45 (mm). Operating the enclosure is easy and convenient so that your time for obtaining a particular Zener diode is minimized to seconds. The kits can easily be placed on a work bench, put on a shelf, or transported to other sites, and are the best choice for building prototypes, doing experiments on new circuits, or reworking printed circuit boards.


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