High Efficiency AC Input 70A 5V Laser Driver/Controller (Under Development)

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High Efficiency AC Input 70A 5V Laser Driver/Controller


High Efficiency: ≥89%

Low Temperature Rise: 35°C

No Cooling Fan necessary

Maximum Output Current: 70A

Current Accuracy: ±1%

Wide Input Voltage: 80VAC ~ 260VAC

Wide Output Voltage: 3.5V ~ 5V (Drive two high current laser diodes)

Configurable Output Current and Max. Output Voltage

Short Circuit Protection

Over-voltage Protection

Over-temperature Protection


The AAS5V70A2 is an electronic module designed fordriving laser diodes with up to 70A low noise current. Ananalog voltage of zero to 2.5V, or a potentiometer can setthe output current, to between zero and 70A.

A high stability low noise 2.5V reference voltage isprovided internally for setting the output current andmaximum output voltage. This reference can also be used asthe voltage reference for external ADCs (Analog to DigitalConverters) and DACs (Digital to Analog Converters),which might be used for monitoring and/or setting theoutput current and maximum output voltage, the so-calledcompliance voltage.

The VLIM of the laser driver ranges between 0V and 2.5V, andthe corresponding LDA output ranges between 1.3V and 5V.In order to avoid the effect that the overshoot given to the laserdiode, this power supply shoudn’t drive only one laser diode,but two. If you want to drive only one, the laser diode mustbe able to afford at least 3.3V 40ms overshoot.

This laser driver module is highly efficient. Its efficiency is ≥89%. It saves energy and has low temperature rise. The moduleconducts its heat to its external chases which serves as both theheat-sink and heat conducting plate. Pressing the bottomsurface of the chassis onto a large metal or granite table’ssurface will expand the equivalent heat sinking area of themodule, thus reducing the temperature rise greatly. Using acooling fan can lower the module’s temperature, but notnecessary. Using a cooling fan for this laser driver helpsreducing its temperature rise, thus increasing the maximumoutput power capability, but the noise, air turbulence, andlimited life time of the cooling fans make them unwanted inmost application systems. Leaving the module in a free airenvironment is also OK, but the temperature rise will be higher, see the measured data in the next sections.