Laser Driver Module ATLS15A218D

Time : 2019-05-10 08:42Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

ATI’s newly developed laser driver module ATLS15A218D is the perfect one for the application that needs high current and high voltage. As its part number indicates, the current capability is 15A. The input voltage ranges from 5.5V to 25V. Although it comes with high current and voltage, it has a compact size, which saves a lot of space for your application.

This laser driver module boasts multiple valuable features that are difficult to achieve simultaneously, such as high output current 15A, high efficiency (≥90%), wide input and output voltage range, low noise output (< 12μA@0.1Hz~10Hz), wide modulation bandwidth (DC~10kHz), as well as small size. These advantages allow this laser driver to drive multiple laser diodes at the same time. Six-sided metal enclosure blocks EMIs from other electronics near this laser driver. In order to evaluate this laser driver conveniently, we have developed an evaluation board for this laser driver, ATLS218EV1.0. It’s recommended to purchase this evaluation board with the laser driver module for the first time using.

More details about the product and its application can be found here in the datasheet or in the webpage:

You can also find details about the evaluation board here in the webpage:

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