New Product-Liquid Level Control Switch

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The liquid level control switch is divided into contact type and non-contact type. The liquid level control switch ALLCS500MA45-21 developed by ATI is of contact type.

The liquid level control switch of float type uses a micro switch as the contact output. When the angle above the horizontal plane exceeds a certain value, the steel ball inside the float switch will roll to press the micro switch or separate itself from the micro switch, and the contact signal of the liquid level control switch outputs ON or OFF.

The most excellent feature of the float switch is that the float comes with a linkage rod. As the liquid surface changes, the linkage rod of the float changes accordingly, thus controlling the switch. ATI's liquid level control switch ALLCS500MA45-21 has two modes, "normally open" and "normally closed". Switching between these two modes by changing the direction of the float.

The specific gravity of the float is 0.75, and the specific gravity of the liquid to be monitored must be greater than that of the float, so that the float level control switch can work normally.

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