DIP High Voltage Power Supply AHV12V1KV1MAP

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High voltage power supply is now so popular in the market. There are many different types, and it can be divided into different groups by the voltage types such as DC to DC or AC to DC, packaging types such as DIP package or wires, and bench top types.

AHV12V1KV1MAP is a new developed high voltage power supply with DIP package. This power supply comes with seven pins that can be easily mounted and removed. It is moisture-proof and shock-proof with a small size, light weight, and metal enclosure.

The physical photo of AHV12V1KV1MAP is shown as follows.

The input voltage of this power supply is 11-13V, typically 12V. The output voltage is 1kV and the output current is 1mA. With switching step-up technology and linear regulation, this high voltage power supply can convert low input voltage into a stable high output voltage.

Moreover, more features are coming: high efficiency, long service life, low power consumption, short circuit protection, zero EMIs, small time and temperature drift and output ripple, as well as continuous linear adjustment for output voltage.

You may find more test data and technical details of this high voltage power supply in our webpage and datasheet.



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