Low Noise Quantum Cascade Laser Driver

Time : 2019-01-23 16:06Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

Have you ever used low noise quantum laser driver? If yes, you must hear about our company, Analog Technologies, Inc. We are a company especially specialized in laser drivers. Thousands of customers who have used our products are satisfied with our product quality and wonderful sales service. Today, I would like to introduce one newly developed product, low noise quantum laser driver, whose part number is AQCL500MA410. The AQCL500MA410 is a chassis mount electronic module designed for driving QCLs. Please find the following physical photo of it.

Now, let me say something about its main parameters. The input voltage of this quantum laser driver is from 10V to 28V; Maximum output current is 500mA; what’s more, its ultra low noise can be 0.5μAP-P@0.1Hz ~ 10Hz, which is amazing; meanwhile, it has Over-temperature protection; high absolute accuracy is less than 0.1%; compact size is 50×50×14 (mm); To monitor the working status of the laser driver, there is a control loop good indication pin, LPGD; and the output current monitor pin, LIO.

When it comes to the applications of this low noise quantum laser driver, This QCL driver can be used to drive QCLs (Quantum Cascade Laser) for radar, medical diagnostics, spectroscopy, chemical analysis, general measurement systems, etc.

For more info., please refer to its datasheet.