Laser driver_ATLS1.5A104

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Are you confused with selecting suitable laser drivers? If yes, it is lucky for you to review this article. Analog Technologies, Inc. supplies our customers with electronic modules, including laser driver module, tec controller modules as well as smt component kits. Recently, we have developed one compact size low noise and constant current laser driver, ATLS1.5A104, which has all the valuable and important but often difficult to achieve at the same time, such as wide input and output voltage range, high output current capability, high efficiency, low output noise, wide modulation bandwidth. Please take a look at the physical photo of it.

This low noise laser driver has the following features: Ultra low noise, it can be as low as 4.5μAp-p @ 0.1Hz to 10Hz, which is amazing; 1.5A high output current without heat sink; Output current absolute accuracy can be less than 1500±0.5mA@VLIS=2.5V; high output current stability can achieve <100ppm/°C; separate output current and output limit setting; compact size; complete shielding, and both DIP and SMT packages are available.

The output current of the ATLS1.5A104 can be set by an input voltage linearly or modulated by an external signal of up to 1.75MHz in bandwidth, resulting in a minimum 200nS rise and fall times at the output current.

The ATLS1.5A104 is packaged in a 6 sided metal enclosure, which blocks EMIs (Electro-Magnetic Interferences) to prevent the controller and other electronics from interfering each other.