Laser driver-ATLS1A104

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While selecting suitable analog electronic component modules, low noise is a very important factor. To be the best in the field of analog electronics, Analog Technologies, Inc. (hereafter referred to as ATI) has invested a lot to improve the quality of our laser drivers. Finally, through efforts, ATI has developed various kinds of high quality laser drivers, tec controllers and smt kits; meanwhile, ATI is constantly offering its customers with best after-sale service. Today let me introduce one Low Noise Constant Current Laser Driver, whose part No. is ATLS1A104. Please take a look at its physical photo of this laser driver.

The following parameters will help you know more about this excellent product.

Ultra Low Noise (RMS): <0.6µARMS @0.1Hz to 10Hz

High IOUT without Heat Sink: 1A

High IOUT Absolute Accuracy: 1000±0.5mA@LIS=2.5V

High IOUT Stability: <0.5mA@-30°C ~ 60°C

Loop Good Indication

Controller Internal Temperature Monitoring

Complete Shielding

Compact Size

100 % Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS Compliant

DIP and SMT Packages Available


The ATLS1A104 is packaged in a 6 sided metal enclosure, which blocks EMIs (Electro-Magnetic Interferences) to prevent the controller and other electronics from interfering each other.