New SMT Component Kit

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Are you looking for an enclosure for storing your SMT components such as SMT resistors, capacitors, or inductors? ATI offers an easy solution for storing and accessing these SMT components, a brand new SMT component kit, SK200. As the part number shows, this SMT component kit has 200 individual lidded compartments, which allows you to store up to 200 types of components.

As the photo shows, this enclosure has a final large cover with a piece of sponge inside to keep the inner content sealed. Each compartment also comes with an individual lid to keep the components inside safe, and each lid can be fixed to the front lid after opening. The most brilliant part of the enclosure is that the large cover can be fixed at a certain angle so as to save a lot of bench space for you. This new enclosure has an ultra slim figure but can bear an adult’s weight. Eco-friendly material PP makes it an environmental product. This enclosure has a compact size and measures only 12.2"× 9.5"×1.6".

If you are interest in this SMT component enclosure SK200, please check here:

ATI also offer kits with STM components inside, such as resistor kits, capacitor kits and inductor kits, which contains commonly used parts. Check here for more information:

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