AHV12VN1KV1MA High Voltage Power Supply

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This power module, AHV12VN1KV1MAW, is designed for achieving DC-DC conversion from low voltage to high voltage. High voltage power supply is widely used in industry, agriculture, national defense, and scientific research, medical and other fields, including: mass spectrometer, photomultiplier tubes, thickness gauge, solid-state detector, laser, electron microscope, etc.

We have designed high precision high voltage power supply module with new technology, small volume, light weight, easy to control, high stability, long life time and easy to installation and so on. The output voltage of this power supply is linearly adjustable, with high conversion efficiency and strong carrying capacity. They have short circuit protection and overcurrent protection.

This series of high voltage power supply modules have two modes, DC-DC conversion and AC-DC conversion. They convert low DC voltage into high DC voltages with high efficiency. Today I will introduce AHV12VN1KV1MAW. The input voltage of AHV12VN1KV1MAW is 12V. The output voltage of AHV12VN1KV1MAW is from 0V to - 1kV. There is a clear distinction between input lead and output lead: the red lead is input 12V, the black lead is ground electrodes, the white lead is regulation wire, the yellow lead is reference voltage 5V, the blue lead is shutdown, and the thick brown lead is output high-tension cable.

There are two ways to test the power supply. The first one, while regulating the potentiometer, connect the intermediate tap of the potentiometer with white lead, and connect the other two ends to ground (black lead) and reference voltage (yellow lead) respectively. Switch on the power, and regulate the potentiometer for the required output voltage. We adopt another method: the external power supply is connected to the white lead control terminal to control the output voltage. There is an 1M load in the circuit. First, we turn on the power supply 12V, and then adjust the input voltage of control to 2.5V. At this time, the output voltage is -500v, and the current is 0.5MA.

The input of the power supply has under-voltage protection and overvoltage protection. When the input voltage is less than 10V or more than 15V, the power output will stop working. A logic low <0.8V or a 0V on the SDN pin will turn the device off. When SDN is in logic high >1.2V or left unconnected, the product is working well.

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