ATLSxA214 Series Laser Diode Driver

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Due to the different needs of our customers, we designed different series of laser controllers, including high voltage low constant current laser driver, high efficiency AC input laser driver, low noise constant current laser driver, ultra low noise diode laser drivers, evaluation board and load assembly for laser driver. There are also different series in the high voltage constant current laser driver. They have three series: ATLSxA212, ATLSxA214, ATLSxA216 and ATLS4A217. Now let's take a look at the series of high voltage constant current laser drivers ATLSxA214.

The development of ATLSxA214 is very important and valuable, because it is difficult to meet the following characteristics simultaneously. It has both a wide input voltage range from 0V to 27V and a wide output voltage range from 0.1V to 0.75VVPS. There is no need for heat sink with high efficiency. It has high current output capability with two choices: 4A and 6A. Its volume is very small, and two kinds of packaging are available: DIP and SMT.

We have specially designed the evaluation board for evaluating the laser driver better. The load assembly ALLD10A14V, is designed to emulate laser diodes for evaluating a series of laser drivers ATLSxA214. It’s very convenient that the laser driver ATLSxA214 collocates with the load assembly ALLD10A14V and the evaluation board ATLS214EV1.0.

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