Constant Current Low Noise Laser Driver ATLS100MA103

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Laser diode is the most common laser type in the market, which can be used in telecommunication, measuring instruments, barcode readers, laser absorption spectrometry, and many other applications. This product, ATLS100MA103, is a laser driver that is designed for driving these laser diodes with ultra-low noise and constant current. The output current noise is as low as 1.5uAP-P when the frequency is 0.1Hz to 10Hz, and the output current is 100mA.

This laser driver does not require a heat sink to dissipate heat if the maximum power consumed by the laser driver is maintained to less than 1W. Moreover, this laser driver comes with a temperature compensation network which makes the output current maintain the same even as the temperature of the laser driver rises.

If this laser driver temperature exceeds 120°C, a preset temperature limit, then it will be shut down by itself in order to prevent the laser driver from being damaged by the over heat.

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