Newly Developed Super Kits Enclosure-SK200

Time : 2017-02-16 10:32Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

SK200 is a newly developed kits enclosure by Analog Technologies, Inc. This enclosure is an updated version of our existed popular product, SK128B. As indicated in the part number, SK200, this enclosure has 200 compartments with individual lid.

This enclosure can be used for stocking and sorting out various SMD components such as SMT resistors, capacitors and inductors, for totally 200 different values. This new enclosure has an ultra slim design, thinner but stronger than SK128B. It can bear an adult man’s weight, nearly over 100kg. This enclosure adopts PP material, which is environmental friendly. The most exciting and important feature of this enclosure is that user can fix the top cover in a certain angle, and this will save a lot of space on the user’s bench top, while the top cover of the SK128B can only be laid flat on the desk. In order to pick up components easily, the lid of the compartment can be fixed into the front lid. Besides, this enclosure has a better sealing than SK128B, and it won't leak components down to 0201 size. Please find the physical picture of SK200.

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