Super Kits for SMT Capacitors

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SMT capacitors are widely used by electronic engineers and professionals in many fields. ATI develops an enclosure for storing STM capacitors, and we call it SMT capacitor kit. This capacitor kit is based on our SMT component enclosure, which has 128 compartments with individual lids and only measures a size of a letter-size paper.

The capacitor kits contain pre-sorted SMT capacitors with different sizes, i.e., 0402 size, 0603 size, 0805 size, and 1206 size. The values are from 0.5pF to 22uF, and there are totally about 100 values in one SMT capacitor kit. For each value mentioned above, there are four choices for the quantity of each value, 20pcs, 50pcs, 100pcs and 200pcs. If any capacitors of a certain value is used up, you can easily refill them. This capacitor kit will not leak any capacitors even down to 0402 size. The top cover keeps all the lids of the compartments closed and sealed.

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There are also other types of kits, such as resistor kits, inductor kits, as well as empty enclosure. Check the links below for more information: