Super Kits for SMT Resistors

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ATI provides a simple solution for storing, sorting and accessing SMT resistors for electronic engineers and professionals, that is, SMT resistor kit. This resistor kit measures only one letter size that is easy for users to carry and transport to any other places.

There are totally 128 individually lidded compartments, that contains SMT resistors with different values and dimensions. Several options for values and dimensions can be chosen. The sizes of resistors can be 0402, 0603, 0805 and 1206. All the resistors have an accuracy of 1%. Moreover, there is a set of resistor kits which contains four resistor kits with 510 values. For the quantity of each value, there are also several choices, 50pcs per value, 100pcs, 200pcs and 500pcs respectively. These resistors will not be leaked out even when shaking the resistor kits since the top cover keeps the lids of the compartments sealed tightly. The photo below shows a physical resistor kit.

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