AC Input Laser Diode Driver AAS45A4V2

Time : 2017-05-05 15:59Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

Laser driver can be divided into two series according to the input voltage type. One is AC input laser driver, and the other is DC input laser driver. This laser driver, AAS45A4V2, is an AC input laser driver. As indicated in the part number, this laser driver comes with 45A output current and 4V output voltage.

This AC input laser driver comes with a small size, and high efficiency, over 76%. It can be used at a wide operating temperature, from −20°C to 50°C. Besides, there are more features in this AC input laser driver, such as high speed digital modulation 5kHz, configurable output current and voltage limit, configurable digital modulation valley current, low temperature rise30°C, and over-temperature protection. For the last feature, when the laser driver temperature exceeds 85°C, the laser driver will shut itself down, and when the temperature is back to the normal range, it can restart itself.

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