High Voltage High Current TEC Controller TEC28V15A

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This TEC controller TEC28V15A comes with high voltage and high current, which is newly developed and manufactured by ATI. This high voltage TEC controller is used for driving high current TEC modules with high stability. Although this controller has high voltage and current, but it has a very small size that helps users save much space.

The output voltage of this TEC controller is 28V and the output current can reach 15A. Moreover, it comes with a high efficiency, over 92%. There are many other features, such as high temperature stability: <±0.001°C, low thermistor injection current: <1µA, continuous bi-directional output, programmable output current and voltage limits, real time temperature, current and voltage signals, and selectable temperature sensor types: thermistor, RTD, or temperature sensor IC. The physical photo is shown in below.

This new TEC controller can be used with our TEC module, thermistor, and heat sink, which are used for building an efficient and stable temperature control system.

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