High Stability Miniature Thermistor ATH10KHN6

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The ATH10KHN6 is a high stability and miniature ntc thermistor assembly with a threaded hex nut. This thermistor assembly can be used for detecting temperature and sensing, and air sensors, etc.

This new ntc thermistor assembly has a wide temperature range, from −40°C to 270°C. The nominal resistance at 25°C is 10k. This thermistor assembly comes with a small dimensions, which is shown in the picture below. The length of the threaded hex nut is 6mm+6mm, and the inner diameter of the threaded hex nut is 4mm. Thus, it saves a lot of space for most of the applications. It has two long copper coated lead wires. Moreover, the thermistor assembly presents many other features such as long term stability, high reliability and wide temperature range, and short response time.

This ntc thermistor assembly can be used to build a stable and accurate temperature measurement system, and it can work with TEC controller, TEC module and heat sink, etc.

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