TEC5V6A-DAH TEC Controller

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TEC5V6A-DAH is an upgraded version of ATI existed TEC controller TEC5V6A-D. This TEC controller has a higher precision than existed TEC controller in driving thermoelectric cooler.

The TEC5V6A-DAH TEC controller is used for regulating the object temperature with high stability, high energy efficiency, and zero EMI. It provides some interface ports for setting the desired object temperature, such as the set-point temperature, the maximum output voltage across TEC, and the compensation network. Compared with our existed TEC controller TEC5V6A-D, it has a higher accuracy, i.e. the maximum voltage difference between TEMP and TEMPSP pins is less than 0.5mV, while for TEC5V6A-D, this value is 5mV. Therefore, in order to better drive TEC modules, this TEC controller TEC5V6A-DAH is highly recommended. This new TEC controller also comes with a compact size, which can be seen in the photo below.

This new TEC controller TEC5V6A-DAH can be used with our TEC module, thermistor, and heat sink, for building a perfect temperature control system.

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