TEC5V4A-DAH TEC Controller

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TEC5V4A-DAH TEC controller is newly developed by ATI, based on the existing TEC controller TEC5V4A-D. This TEC controller is designed and used for driving TEC (thermoelectric cooler) with high stability, high efficiency, and high precision.

As indicated in the part number, TEC5V4A-DAH, the maximum output current is 4A and the maximum output voltage is the input voltage minus 0.2V. As mentioned above, the stability of this TEC controller can reach 0.01°C, and the efficiency is as high as over 90%. The most important feature is that the voltage difference between TEMP pin and TEMPSP pin is less than 0.5mA, which makes this new TEC controller far away better than TEC5V4A-D, and 5mA for the latter. Moreover, this TEC controller comes with a compact size, as shown in the photo below.

This new TEC controller TEC5V4A-DAH can be used with our TEC module, thermistor, and heat sink, for building an efficient and stable temperature control system.

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