Low Noise Diode Laser Driver ATLS200MA103

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103 series laser drivers come with ultra low noise, and the current value can be 100mA, 200mA, 250mA, 500mA or 1A. This laser driver, ATLS200MA103, is one of 103 series laser drivers. It is used for driving diode lasers with up to 200mA low noise current.

As shown in the photo below, this laser driver has a very small size so that it can save a lot of space for most of applications. The input voltage is 5V and the output voltage is 1.5V to 4V. The noise is as low as 2.5µAP-P @ 0.1Hz to 10Hz. There are many other features such as high absolute accuracy <0.1%, high stability <100ppm/°C, programmable current limit and complete shielding. In order to evaluate this laser driver conveniently, ATI provides an evaluation board, which can only work with DIP package laser driver.

The photo of low noise diode laser driver ATLS200MA103

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