Long Life Thermal Cycling TECs ATE1-TC-127 Series

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ATI manufactures various types of TEC modules, including standard TEC modules and long life thermal cycling TEC modules. The former features good performance and low cost, and the latter has a longer life time when being used in thermal cycling applications. ATE1-TC-127 series TEC modules are among the thermal cycling long life TEC modules.

This series TEC modules include two types, one is sealed TEC module, and the other is non-sealed one. The sealed TEC module can be applied in moisture environment, while the non-sealed one has higher efficiency. The maximum power supply voltage is 17.5V or 16.2V. and the maximum current is from 5.5A to 12.1A, resulting in different power ratings. The maximum temperature difference is from 72°C to 74.5°C. The photo below shows a typical ATE1-TC-127 series TEC module.

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