Long Life Thermal Cycling TECs ATE1-TC-71 Series

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Thermal cycling TEC modules can also be called long life TEC modules, which are often used in thermal cycling applications. ATE1-TC-71 series TEC modules belong to this kind of long life thermoelectric coolers.

As the part number shows, this series TEC module comes with 71 pairs of Peltier elements, with the maximum currents of 5.5A and 7.8A, thus the power ratings being different. There are two flat ceramic plates on both side of TEC modules, and they can be mounted to other metal surfaces with the help of thermal conductive materials. The four edges of the TEC modules are sealed so that they can be used in moisture environment. The maximum temperature difference it can achieve is 74.5°C for 5.5A TEC module and 72.5°C for 7.8A TEC module. The photo below shows a real ATE1-TC-71 TEC module and the dimensions.

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