Long Life Thermal Cycling TECs ATE1-TC-70-15AS

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TEC modules have two types, one is standard TEC module, and the other is long life TEC module. The former is used for normal applications of heating and cooling objects, and the latter can be used in thermal cycling applications. Thermal cycling applications refer to those with frequent changes between heating and cooling.

In these applications, TEC modules are exposed to demanding physical stresses when they shift from heating to cooling. This will significantly reduce the operational life of a standard TEC. Therefore, a thermal cycling TEC modules are proper choice. This TEC module, ATE1-TC-70-15AS, has 70 pairs of Peltier elements and a maximum output current of 15A. It can achieve a maximum temperature difference between the two surface pates of 72°C. This module is perfect sealed so it can be used in moisture environment. The photo below shows a real ATE1-TC-70-15AS and its dimension.

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