Long Life Thermal Cycling TEC ATE1-TC-31-3AS

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Thermal cycling TECs refer to those TEC modules that can be used in thermal cycling applications. Usually TEC modules are used for cooling down or heating up objects, and the life time of TEC modules will be largely reduced when they suffer frequent shifts between heating up and cooling down. Therefore, for thermal cycling applications , including PCR devices, thermal cyclers, chillers and analyzers, etc, TEC modules like ATE1-TC-31-3AS are the best choice.

This TEC module ATE1-TC-31-3AS comes with 31 pairs of Peltier elements, and the maximum input voltage is 3.9V. The maximum temperature difference can be 74.5°C. It is sealed between the two ceramic plates. The physical photo is shown in below.

TEC modules often work with TEC controllers, which can control the TEC modules in a stable and efficient temperature regulating system. They can also work with ntc thermistors for accurate temperature sensing, please visit this webpage for more information:


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