Low Noise Laser Diode Driver ATLS1A104

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ATLS1A104 is a low noise laser diode driver that is designed for driving laser diodes. This laser driver has the largest current among 104 series laser drivers, and the current value is 1A. It has a low noise, <0.6mARMS@ 0.1Hz ~ 10Hz, and doesn't require heat sinks to dissipate heat.

This laser diode driver has independently programmable IOUT and IOUT limits and loop good indication function. It is integrated with a controller internal temperature monitoring function, which will shut down the controller and prevents the controller from being damaged by the overheat when the laser controller temperature exceeds 120°C. Moreover, the laser diode driver comes with a compensation network, which keeps the output current the same even when the laser diode driver temperature rises. The photo below shows this laser driver is shielded by a 6 sided metal enclosure that is used for blocking EMIs.

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