Dual Mode Laser Diode Driver Product LDA1-CP1

Time : 2016-07-12 09:49Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

This dual mode laser diode driver LDA1-CP1 is designed for driving P type laser diode. This laser driver can control and monitor the output driving current and output laser power. The laser driver comes with PWM output stage with an efficiency of over 90%, so it doesn't need any heat sinks.

For this laser driver, the output current and laser power can be set by two independent input voltages linearly, and can also be monitored by its output voltages respectively. This laser driver has a 2.5V low noise reference voltage, which can be used to set the output current and the output power, and also the reference voltage for external DAC or ADC. The maximum output current is 2A, and the output current noise is as low as 0.05%. It has a small size and DIP package is available. The photo of LDA1-CP1 is shown below.

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